Bunco Party Planning

Do you play Bunco? There's a group of ladies in our neighborhood that have a monthly Bunco party and I've been a part of it for the last year. I think it's really just an excuse for us all get together for a Girl's Night Out - who cares about the game, right?! Well, next Tuesday, I have to host for the first time. I feel like our neighborhood goes all out in terms of party planning {gourmet ... read more

venetian living room 2

Vegas Strip to Rural Iowa

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that this past week I went from the Vegas strip for work straight to the cornfields of Iowa to help my in-laws with their kitchen reno. Talk about culture extremes! So, I thought I'd jointly share a hotel tour along with some updates on the demo work we did. I am beyond behind on my hotel tour series {and remember that time I said I spent two weeks in Europe ... read more

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A Year of Change: July’s Project

This month's year of change challenge was to makeover an area we have neglected {you can read more here}. In addition to the usual crew {Suburban Bitches, Commona My House and Rosa Beltran Design}, we are also joined by our guest designer, Paige, from The Pink Clutch! My project this month is incredibly low-key compared to my craft room makeover last month {I know I mentioned I was possibly ... read more


Knock-Off Decor Feature

Tonight, Knock-Off Decor is featuring my DIY Designer Inspired Art I made for the office a few months back. I'd love for you to stop by and check out the post! You can also read the original post here. I'm currently mid-air flying back from Vegas and I'm anxious to get home.  Business trips in Vegas are never my idea of fun ;) Have a great night! If you would like to follow along on more of ... read more

DIY Outdoor Couch

DIY Outdoor Couch

Today is the latest in our Look 4 Less series {my earlier projects included my DIY "Wood" Bead Chandelier, my DIY Designer Inspired Art, and my Pottery Barn Inspired Drapes}. This is such a fun group of ladies to work with because I always feel like the project variety is amazing! Before I jump in to the project, I wanted to first mention that I am guest posting over at Just A Girl And Her Blog ... read more


Nine Years {And A New Light}

Today marks our nine year anniversary! Sorry to get all sappy on you all, but I don't do it often so you're going to have to deal ;) My husband is my best friend and goes along with {and is supportive of} 99% of my crazy schemes. This blog really wouldn't be possible without him. Happy Anniversary! If there is any final proof needed, my hubby helped me hang this chandelier in our mudroom ... read more

under construction

Under Construction

Hey all. I moved the blog over to WordPress from Blogger last night and wrapped it up this morning {the URL is still the same}. There are still a lot of broken links that I need to update to ensure everything is running smoothly but I think the transition went fairly seamlessly. If you're looking for something specific and can no longer find it, let me know. I'm still figuring out all the bugs and ... read more


My Sale Picks and a Home Tour

I know every blogger on the planet is likely posting about Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that opened to the public today {but for good reason - it is one of the only major pre-season sales I know of!}. When I grew up in Utah and we had a nearby Nordstrom, I waited for this sale all summer to get my school shopping done in the Brass Plum (now BP). They had killer deals on Girbaud's and Lucky Jeans! Do ... read more


Wednesday Watch List

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 1 - Guess what was finally launched yesterday?!? The Tory Burch collection for Fitbit. Granted, the one I want is $195, but it's on pre-order until 9/30 so I guess I have time to start saving ;) There are several other options available but the gold bangle is definitely my favorite! So much more chic than the current black rubber band I'm using now {I have this ... read more

dining room summer

Dining Room Plans

The dining room was the first room I ever updated when we moved into our home back in December 2012. This is what the space looks like today: It has certainly come a long ways since we first saw the house. The lime green walls were what pained me the most - which is weird because I had considered painting a room in our last home the same color. But for some reason it really bothered me in here. ... read more